Hello! Welcome to my blog :)

My name is Darren, I have been a software developer for the past 8 or so years. The first three years I was a web developer and then I moved into iOS development, however I am slowly moving back into web.

This blog was started with a focus on iOS development, well, mainly fixes for common or general iOS app development issues.

Over the past 2 years I have realised how little I know, and how little others know when it comes to software engineering. A lot of the time people focus on language features that shorten code, or seemingly make things easier, but in reality it could actually be detrimental because of how and where it is used.

So, this blog will be changing and my focus will be more guided by software engineering principles and becoming a better engineer. I will still be writing general every day fix tutorials, and that will probably still be the bread and butter of this blog for the time being. However, the goal is to move over to more in depth content, maybe learning more about distributed systems, how they communicate with each other, different design patterns or just implementing interesting things, maybe something like a web server, pub sub service, concurrency library etc.

I have created a GitHub repo where I will be adding useful tutorials and resources regarding Swift and iOS development. Repo: Swift programming tutorials and resources.