Hello! Welcome to my blog :)

My name is Darren, I have been a software developer for the past 9-10 years. The first three years I was a web developer and then I moved into iOS development, however for the past 3+ years I have moved back into web development. I was focussed on TypeScript but over the last few months I have been doing Python and I can't really see myself going back to JavaScript/TypeScript again.

This blog was started with a focus on iOS development, well, mainly fixes for common or general iOS app development issues.

However, since I have moved to Python as my primary language, this blog will be following that route too. I am also changing the direction of this blog, instead of it focussing on common or general Python development issues, I will be trying to go into more depth on Python topics as I learn them. There will still be some posts about general Python development struggles that I have that I will be answering here.