Easily fix "Failed to set plugin placeholders" in Xcode

How to fix "Failed to set plugin placeholders"

Easily fix "Failed to set plugin placeholders" in Xcode

I was setting up rich notifications the other using a library and I was required to create a few extra targets. I followed all the steps correctly but Xcode was not liking what I had done.

Xcode would build successfully but it would prompt me saying that it failed to set plugin placeholders. Personally I had never seen this message before so I started googling, turns out it was a really simple fix.

Before we get to the fix, make sure to clean your build folder as well as delete derived data. I always do this before trying a fix as one never knows what issues these things can cause.

Great, now that you have cleaned your build folder and deleted your derived data we can get started.

Step 1

Click on your project in the Project Navigator

Project manager

Step 2

Next you will need to select your main target and go to its build phases tab.

Main Target

Step 3

Once you are on the build phases tab you should see a drop down that says Embed App Extensions, click on that. Now that you have opened Embed App Extensions you should see a checkbox that says Copy only when installing. You need to check that checkbox.

Embed App Extensions